Do your fake ID cards have any disclaimers on them?

NO! We are not based in Canada or the USA, so we do not have to put any disclaimer in permanent un-removable red ink of "Not a government issued document".

What are your Terms Of Service?

Again we are not located in Canada or the USA and force you to agree to or sign some disclaimer with lengthy jargon that you are getting a "custom novelty" or similar sneaky wording. Which means you are agreeing to get whatever they want to give you, NOT a fake id, and agreeing to no refund possible!!! Sites with one of these disclaimers are SCAMS and assume you will not read it and if you do they make it so hopefully you will not understand.

Check out our Privacy Policy page for more info about the safety of your personal details when ordering from Limitless Fake IDs

What kind of material do you print on?

We use the exact same grade as the real ones are printed on. Rest assure it will pass the bend test.

Will they scan?

Yes, we encode them just as a real one is encoded, so the may be read by any scanner.

Black light test?

We use Ultra Violet (UV) ink for printing the same security features a real one has and those that have it in their hologram laminate, so do we.

What do the backs of the identification cards look like?

Each card has an authentic looking design for each state and looks the same as a real one. These designs include bar codes and magnetic strips (where applicable) which will be correctly encoded according to your order form information, so they will scan the correct information.

What about my signature?

Attach a signature to your order form or when applicable we will supply one for you, if you do not upload one to the order form. Best to sign a white piece of paper in black ink and scan it. We are sorry it cannot be mailed in with payment.

What type of holograms do your ID cards have?

Custom and accurately designed for each different card we offer to look exactly like the same as the real one for that state.

I received my order, now what will you do with my information?

30 days after your order is mailed we destroy all information pertaining to your order.

What type of photo should I attach to the order form?

It is important that you send a high quality photo. Passport and Polaroid photos all work very good. Make sure the picture includes your shoulders. Don't worry about the background, because we will digitally alter it if required. If you send us a low quality photo, you will end up with a low quality card. The better the photo, the better the card.

Do you offer products not shown on your site or custom made items?

No, if we had them we would sell them. Much time goes into every template we have designed and would not be profitable for us or financially feasible for the customer to do custom work.

What methods of payment do you offer?

We accept payment by Bitcoin or Cash in any currency. See the prices page for additional information.

How long will it take before I receive my product?

After we have received payment and your approval on the proof your order will be shipped that day or next business day. For express shipping include $35.00 to your order total (no matter if ordering 1 or 50 it is only $35.00 for express shipping to your total).

Allow 10-12 days working days for normal mail and up to 5 working days for express shipping to reach you. We do not provide tracking numbers for normal shipment to you. For express shipping we will email you the tracking number.

How do I do a group order for the discounted price?

Fill out an order form for each person in your group. You can order different cards it does not matter. Example you have a group of 3 orders. One is Florida, Texas, and California. We can even ship to different addresses for each item ordered in your group, the choice is yours. The shipping address you put on each order form is what we follow. See the shipping page for additional information.

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