How To Make Your Own Fake ID: A Guide

It is possible to make your own fake ID cards, but they're not going to be the kind that James Bond has. Most likely, you'll want a fake ID to get into your local bar or club. There are a few factors to consider when making your own fake ID:

1. It's Illegal.
2. It's difficult
3. The results might not be what you expected
4. It might cost a lot of money.

You'll need to think of the security features present in modern identification cards to stop them being faked.

Plastic Card Printing

This is difficult if you don't have a plastic card printer. How do you get around this? You could print out what you want onto paper, then glue it to an old plastic card, but the result will be less than perfect.


The holograms on real ID cards are like the ones you see on concert tickets, DVDs and Visa cards. They are there because they are DIFFICULT TO FAKE. How do you make a fake hologram? Check below for more info.

High Quality Wavy Print

How are you going to reproduce the card design? It's very complex and very hard to fake.

UV lamination

WTF is UV lamination I hear you say. Well you need to find out, because most American ID cards have this. You know when the bouncer gets a blacklight thing out (looks like a small purple fluorescent tube), when you shine that on an ID card, bits with UV ink light up. Without this, you're totally screwed.

Magnetic Strip

Most bars now have a verification system that allows the bouncer to read what's in the black strip in the back of your card. If you don't have any data on the strip, you will get caught out.

Still want to make a fake ID at home? Read on:

Totally Home Made Method

Template Design

To print a fake ID using your inkjet printer or teslin, you need to make the template up. You can download some templates from sites such as this one.

Link Base Fake ID Templates

To make your own template, you need to scan in the original ID card at high res (300dpi +). Crop the image to the right size of the card 86x55mm. In Photoshop 7, you then have to type over all text you see on the card, matching the font and color in each instance.

MyFonts site is very useful for matching fonts, but you'll then need to download the fonts.

Once you've matched all the fonts, and typed out all the text, you have to erase the text from the background of the card, then change the variable text to the details that match you.

Paste in your photo and make sure everything looks OK.

You can then print your fake ID.

Standard Inkjet Printing

You will need a good quality color inkjet printer. Good quality, thick glossy photo paper will give the best results. The front and back of the card need to be printed, stuck together, trimmed to size and laminated. Better results can be achieved if it is printed on double-sided photo paper.


Teslin is a plastic type paper which can be printed on using a laser or inkjet printer. You can buy it on the web.


ID cards are laminated using heat-reactive plastic film, which binds itself to the object being lamintated. To make things difficult for you, some ID cards feature UV features in the lamination.

You can buy butterfly pouches with holographic patterns in them, check the links below.

It's very easy to laminate a card, all you need is a thick piece of card and an iron. Fold the card in two (card like a cerial box) with the print facing out! Line up the card and the lamination, and carefully place the card and pouch against the inner edge of the fold. Whack the iron up to hot, then run the iron across the folded card. The longer you leave the iron in one place, the more likely the lamination will bubble and look bad.

You should probably practice on spare sheets before doing the real deal.


You can fake holograms sometimes, by using color changing inks. Have a look round the net for the Ez Perl Method or the Interference Gold Method, I'm not copying it here.

Overlays / UV Overlay

There are several places you can get UV overlays, search the web.

Magnetic Stripes

Magnetic stripes are quite difficult to copy. To be honest, I don't think that it's worth the hassle to go and build your own reader. You can buy an msr206 reader off Ebay fairly cheap now.