Prices and Payment

Prices below are all inclusive this means shipping, taxes, etc, are all included for the prices given below. We ship in plain looking packaging so it does not reveal what is inside and use a generic business name for the return address. We do ship to PO boxes. See our Shipping page for more details.

1 novelty ID of your choice 95.00 USD

2 novelty IDs of your choice 85.00 USD each

3 novelty IDs or more of your choice 75.00 USD each

Include $35.00 USD to your order TOTAL for express return shipping

We accept payment by Bitcoin and Cash ONLY. Please wrap banknotes it in a paper, so it is not visible through the envelope.

It is also highly advisable that you send the payment by any express method for tracking that will ship to our PO BOX like USPS, if you are in the USA. If you do send by normal mail from the USA the cost is 94 cents in postage.

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Payment Instructions:

Submit your order form (or submit multiple forms for each person if doing a group order). Every time you submit an order form, you will receive submission confirmation giving you 3 things:

1. Assigning your order a Customer Invoice# (this is an assigned number given by our ordering system to the order form you just submitted)

2. Payment Verification link (A link you will use later to confirm you payment has been mailed, so we can start your order and have it ready to ship once payment arrives.

3. Our mailing address for mailing payment.

Write your Customer Invoice number or numbers on a piece of paper, wrap it around your payment, and mail it to our name and address provided after submitting your order or orders.

After mailing payment by visiting the Payment Verification link verify that payment is on the way, so we can begin work on your order. The day your payment arrives we will email you a scanned proof of your order for approval.

Once you reply with approval and no changes are in order we will ship your order.

Facts On Payment:

Why dont you accept Checks or Money Orders? Easiest way to answer is to ask you do you understand what you are buying? We have to protect our anonymity and yours, if you do not see why this is vital, then you should not purchase from us. Any site accepting checks does NOT sell a real fake ID.

Why dont you accept credit cards? Because it is not that easy. Any company selling products must be reviewed by the bank for the products they are selling before you are approved for a merchant account that can accept credit cards. NO bank on earth will approve our product. No site that produces fake ID will ever accept credit cards.

Why not PayPal? Again try and understand, do you not think we would if we could? PayPals policy forbids us to use their payment system - read it for yourself. No site that produces fake ID will ever accept PayPal.

Why arent you located in the USA or Canada? If you need to ask this question you probably shouldnt buy our products and we honestly prefer you do not order from us. Any site in the USA or Canada selling fake ID would be shut down in a matter of days. The ONLY sites that exist in the USA or Canada are worthless. What you see on their site is NEVER what you get. Ask anyone you know who has ordered Fake ID online and not one will say they received a legit, usable fake identification card from a site in the USA or Canada. Read our FAQs page for more details on these fake ID scams.