Fake IDs in Brussels: Corrupted Employee Facing Charges

One way to get a fake ID is through corrupted official. One recent case has been reported in Belgium and raised serious concerns among citizens of the country. Because of a corrupted agent, the City of Brussels was issuing false identity documents. An employee was laid off for serious misconduct.

The Public Prosecutor's Office investigates suspected fraud in the City of Brussels, where an employee of the Passport Service has been dismissed for serious misconduct: Karim B., 38, is suspected of having issued at least one false passport. According to our information, the case is under investigation.

The official was caught red-handed by the head of the service. Judicial duties were carried out by the federal police.

When questioned by the court, the suspect was subsequently released under strict conditions (as sources indicate, with an electronic bracelet tracking his location and movements).

In times of terrorism, it is very disturbing to learn that a criminal investigation is currently undergoing on the subject of fake IDs being issued in the city of Brussels.

There is also great concern in the Ministry of the Interior, where further meetings regarding this matter are planned. Among the questions raised are the following: How to strengthen controls? How do we detect officials who cheat?