Fake Italian ID Cards In France

A 41-year-old man was sentenced to four months' suspended prison sentence for fraud and use of false identity documents.

The fraudulent identity crimes were committed from 8 December 2014 to 3 December 2015. It all begins when the border police got alerted by a temporary employment agency regarding the suspect’s identity papers.

Anonymous mail

They were alerted by anonymous mail regarding fake Italian identity cards. It turns out that the papers are unknown to the research bases in Italy. After being detained, the accused individual admitted to being in a difficult situation and being obliged to leave the country. After that he had taken steps to obtain false identity documents for which he paid €4,000.He told the investigators that he did not know they were false.

As the man was of Tunisian origin, his Tunisian driver's license and passport were found in his car. Investigators also found a fake Italian identity card and a dozen of photocopies.

The accused, absent at the hearing, is said to have left for the Paris region following a decision to deport him to the border in 2015. At the beginning of 2014 he was already obliged to leave French territory, "the prosecutor said. The court followed the prosecutors' requisitions for four months of suspended prison." This case is a part of a larger scheme of forged Italian identity cards. (Source)