False Identity Cards: A Vast Criminal Network Uncovered By The Authorities Of Mauritius

Three individuals were arrested by detectives of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) following an investigation into a network of identity thieves. It is Jean François Choy Wah Ying Yue Yue Hin Fon, a 49-year-old Portlouisian, Ackbar Khan Bachooa, a Mahébourgeois and Hamjad Goodur, a Flacquois, both in their thirties who were using fake IDs to commit fraud.

The suspects allegedly attempted to withdraw several thousand rupees from branches of the State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) and Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) by presenting false biometric identity cards. An individual who has impersonated the identity of a certain Bhargawah Appadoo is also wanted.

It was the detectives of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) in the southern division that had seized this case after an initial case was reported to the Rose-Belle police station on 19 September. On that day, an SBM "customer" who allegedly impersonated Bhargawah Appadoo, accompanied by Ackbar Khan Bachooa, came to withdraw Rs 50,000 from his account and transfer a sum of Rs 600,000 from Bank One. When asked to justify the source of this amount, the "client" replied that the money came from the sale of a piece of land.

Doubting his comments, the manager would have asked him for details such as his date of birth and cell phone number. This would have been difficult for the "client" to answer. Uncomfortable, the fake identity fraudster Bhargawah Appadoo have asked to use the facility's toilet. After that, he have driven into his car on the bank's parking lot before fleeing, leaving his fake ID documents behind. His sidekick also disappeared.

An investigation was initiated by the IDA of Rose-Belle, led by the men of the ASP Satiadjv Callychurn. The brother of the real Bhargawah Appadoo gave a statement and confirmed that his brother, who had been a widower for nine years, died in January 2016 in India, where he was to seek treatment for his heart problems.

However, after a second case recorded on 23 November in Plaine-Magnien, CCID's boss, Assistant Police Commissioner Devanand Reekoye and his deputy, Superintendent of Police Seeparsad Mannaram, decided that it was their department that would deal with the severity of this fake ID fraud case. The Assistant Superintendent's team, Raman Hossenbaccus, follows the case.

Another Criminal Uses Fake ID To Withdraw Money From The Bank

In the second case, CCID investigators were approached by a branch of the MCB in Plaine-Magnien. The staff allegedly surprised Jean François Choy Wah Ying Yue Yue Hin Fon, who was trying to impersonate a customer to make a Rs 50,000 withdrawal by presenting a fake ID. Alerted, the authorities were quick to get their hands on Ackbar Khan Bachooa, who had accompanied him. It was after the arrest of the Portlouisien and Mahebourgeois that the men of the ASP Hossenbaccus made the connection with the case of the SBM de Rose-Belle.

The man named Hamjad Goodur was arrested on Monday. He was brought before a court on Tuesday facing charges for falsifying identity documents. This suspect and Jean François Yue Hin Fon were released on parole on Thursday. As for Ackbar Khan Bachooa, he is kept in a jail. During the day of Thursday, a police search was carried out at his home in Mahébourg. Several fake identity documents were seized.

According to one source, two biometric identity cards seized by the police for the purpose of the investigation are almost identical, with the naked eye, to those issued by the Mauritius National Identity Card (MNIC) office. But no information or anomaly was detected on it by the reader at the MNIC office. This was a really supreme quality fake ID.