Need a Fake ID? Go To The Internet!

It is now possible to find any product or service online. “Today here arrived a report that left me truly speechless - starts lawyer Angelo Pisani, national president of the Consumer Association - one of those that one asks himself how is it possible. All this happens under the nose of law enforcement and judiciary. There are no words for this trade".

The report concerns one website, which offers to sell fake identity documents for a substantial payment, so called "cloned" identity cards, as they claim their site is the only original online identity provider since 2009. Pisani commented:" It's incredible that there is such a widespread system of fake identity documents that it becomes a normal practice in the virtual world". The report also mentions the Cloned National Identity Card, which is an identical copy of an existing identity document regularly issued by the government. The website promises to faithfully reproduce the original documents with all existing security systems, numbers and data. Then the site clarifies:

This type of document is currently only available for Italy and the processing time is a minimum of 8 days up to 15 days depending on the number of selected criteria.

On the basis of these data, Mr Pisani commented: "Obviously not only is this situation illegal and contrary to the laws of our Republic, but also the operators of the website remind us that these types of cloned documents are only available for Italy; the funny thing is that all this happens under the nose of law enforcement agencies and magistrates".

But the website does not end its offers here: "Moreover, it is possible to buy a cloned Health Card for a additional 200 Euro or a tax code card (green and white tax code) at a cost of 150 Euro; These items are sold only in addition to the identity card and cannot be sold separately. Basically we offer 2 Cloned Identity Cards: Electronic and Classic version (the one most commonly used in Italy) The Classic Identity Card (Electronic Identity Card) has a price of 500 Euro. The Electronic Identity Card (EID Card) has a price of 600 Euro 600". But it doesn't end here: exorbitant prices are reserved for passports of Italy, on offer at only 6000 Euros; while the website also sells fake diplomatic passports at the cost of 25000 Euros.

But the really grotesque thing was what is written in the 'disclaimer' section:

"All our programs are completely legal and based on naturalisation programs offered by the respective countries and governments."

Lawyer Pisani has complained to the competent authorities about the website in question in order to ensure that investigations are initiated into the methods of manipulation of seals, holograms, state stamps and anything else necessary for the production of fake identification documents. "It's incredible what I read on the site. In spite of all the Italian laws site’s visitors are proposed to buy and sell fake identity documents. I hope that the judiciary will carry out its investigation in order to ascertain the purpose and responsibility of fake IDs trade that leaves one speechless."